Undergrounds Coffeehouse & Roastery commission

Roastery Club Mugs


In the spring of 2015, three friends opened a coffee shop in the Old First Ward of Buffalo. This was an exciting time to be a part of an area with a rich history, which was just beginning to experience new life and revitalization. Repurposing a former funeral parlor, the goal was to honor funerary culture with eclectic style. To bring together past and present, the Roastery Club was born, asking, “if you could have coffee with one notable deceased person, who would it be?” It has been my pleasure to create personalized mugs that would pay homage to the legacy of the former establishment and neatly tie together old and new.

Working with sepia images & ready made floral decals was a natural fit to their eclectic funerary style, recognizing and celebrating the lives of those who have passed. Each mug is made to the member’s request and all are unique and one of a kind.

Undergrounds Photos by Sara Heidinger